Can I use my HSA/FSA?


What are HSA/FSA accounts?

HSA:  Health Savings Account
An account set up for medical expenses not covered by a high deductible medical plan.  Money placed in this account also reduces taxable income.
FSA:  Flexible Savings Account
This account allows for the setting aside of pre-tax dollars for health reimbursement with reducing taxable income.
How it works
Patients visit their prescribing healthcare professional2.  A letter is provided that includes a diagnosis, recommendation of specific supplements for a health condition, and the healthcare professional’s signature.3.  HSA Account Holders will purchase supplements with an HSA “debit” card or HSA check.  FSA Account Holders will submit proof of payment and the letter provided to their FSA administrator for reimbursement.
Which expenses are eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement?
Dietary supplements
Prescriptions and qualified over-the-counter medications
Are all dietary supplements eligible for reimbursement?
If they are recommended by a healthcare professional for a specific medical condition, they are eligible.  For a complete listing of eligible expenses, visit