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Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators

In the past, it was thought the resolution of the immune response was a passive process.1 However, recent groundbreaking research has identified a structured and orderly system which actively resolves the immune response. During the resolution phase, specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) are produced at the affected tissue site and function as “resolution agonists,” orchestrating the resolution-related activities and helping to facilitate this response toward homeostasis.*


Lifestyle and nutrition influence SPM status

SPM production relies on nutrition, lifestyle behaviors, and health status. Individual levels of SPMs can differ and can vary due to:

  • Aging process
  • Dietary patterns
  • Physical fitness
  • Other stressors


Why Metagenics SPM Active?

  • SPM Active is targeted to help support the body’s natural ability to resolve the immune response and physical stress.*
  • Metagenics set the standard for defining SPMs based on activity for use in nutraceutical formulas in collaboration with world-renowned SPM experts.
  • Our revolutionary and exclusive formula was developed through advanced fractionation technology featuring standardized levels of 17-HDHA and 18-HEPE found in marine lipids.
  • Supplementing with SPMs may help facilitate the body’s natural resolution process and completion of its response to physical challenges.*
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